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    There are many ways to keep your friendship alive and strong. Find the ways that work for you both.
    Love makes the world go round and so does laughter. Find ways to keep laughter alive.
    You two met each other, fell in love and want to spend the rest of your life together. You guys are surely blessed.
    Being best friends with each other keep you strong through thick and thin.

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    Wedding Officiant Phoenix

    A Wedding Officiant in Phoenix Loves Their Job

    How The Love Of Their Job Benefits You

    It will be obvious to you that your wedding officiant in Phoenix loves their job because of what they do for you and how they treat you. Their agenda will be your agenda. They will listen to you so they can know what you want. And if you don't know (like many) no worries: they will assist with that too. Of course they will want you to have the words you want, whether traditional, purely non-religious civil or anything in-between. And you can also work with your wedding officiant the way you want (you may read their ceremony, like it and the ceremony part will be done. You may write your own words and ask them to comment and it will be their pleasure). Expect easy. But if not, they will make it easier yet.

    Wedding Officiant Phoenix

     Yes! You Will Have The Most Beautiful Ceremony In The World Because It Will Have Matched What You Wanted.

    When you and your officiant minister get together, you'll hear something like this: "This is your wedding. Anything can be done here. There is nothing, no interest or viewpoint, that cannot be blended beautifully into your ceremony. But it will not be about the words as such. It will be about the meaning of the words for you. This is all about you two."

  • Sunset Tool

    Use this tool to help you decide the best ceremony start time. This is for many reasons: some photographers use the sun for long shadows that only occur at the end of the day. Info: Depending on your site there are 2 sunsets: Actual & Effective (the latter due to an obstruction - like a mountain or building).

  • Temperature Tool

    Could it rain? Be cooler? This tool doesn't really predict, but gives you historic weather averages and lows on your ceremony date. Many ways to sort: Now, Weekend, Month, Extended plus video and forecast maps, area radar. weather reports and some news. Good luck. It will all work out.

  • Countdown Tool

    T-minus 50, 49, 20, 19, and it gets closer and closer. Believe it or not, your day will come. You two will be up there with your officiant enjoying yourselves and each other. It's a perfectly wonderful day. This tool gives you an accurate count without having to think or count your fingers.

  • Moon Phase Tool

    Like the ancients, some of us follow the moon phases (aka schedules) or maybe just the new and full moons. This because the phases relate to energy (energetics) which can affect us Earth folks. This tool shows where the moon is for your wedding month and day. Tip: factor in your time zone.

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    Guests Love Phoenix

    Phoenix Metro (mostly Maricopa County: Tempe, Scottsdale, Carefree, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale to name a few) is the cosmopolitan soul' of the Southwest. Very relaxing feel good area. You can let go. Be yourself. It's also famous for its near-perfect weather most of the year. Which is why people who visit can say: "So THIS is why people come here".

  • Beautiful By Day

    Would it surprise you if the heaven-like Phoenix weather found some wedding guests lost in a day dream by their resort pool with a margarita that they never wanted to leave? Not at all. Worry not though, because they might take you up on the idea to take a break to visit the world known Boyce Arboretum State Park near Globe or the red rocks and creative art-crafts in Sedona.

  • Beautiful By Night

    "A highlight of any visit to Greater Phoenix is the area’s rich arts-and-culture environment. Performances at a multitude of theaters, concert halls and cultural centers are constant attractions, while art and history lovers can flock to a diverse group of fascinating museums (like the Heard, Phoenix Art and world known Musical Instrument Museums)."

  • Beautiful By Of Course...

    The COURSE. "What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive" -Arnold Palmer. One thing many of your wedding guests and wedding party will love about your wedding being here is that there's a golf course a short distance from most every ceremony site. Many resorts even have their own. Welcome to Greater Phoenix: A Golf-Heaven.


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    Aquarium Fun

    The face of the child in you and the face of the child on a wedding guest (and of course on the faces of any child) will light way up when you’re in this aquarium. Rich colors. Much to learn. Just watching the fish swim with each other may spark your imagination and give ideas for your work and your life together. Aquariums are inspiring and uplifting for all ages. And this one is mid-Scottsdale right on the East side 101.

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    Zoo Fun

    The Phoenix Zoo is "home to more than 1,400 animals, including more than 30 endangered or threatened species from around the world...including the Mexican wolf, thick-billed parrot, black-footed ferret, Bornean orangutan, Sumatran tiger, Asian elephant." Like the Aquarium it's an exciting experience for all ages. It's a great place to picnic and relax. The nature is beautiful, spacious and calming.

  • Shopping Fun

    "When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again" (Sophie Kinsella). There's no shortage of fantastic shopping choices in Phoenix Metro: like Fashion Square, Chandler Fashion, San Tan, Old Town in Scottsdale, the 24th Street Biltmore area in Phoenix, Desert Ridge and coming back down the 101 to Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland Commons and there are many more.

  • Arboretum Fun

    This amazing garden, arboretum (now a state park) is about an hour from Mesa. The care and love and the staff will instantly make you feel at home. Each person that works/volunteers there has an amazing nature story to tell. They love when asked a question. Learn about its history and the diversity of plants and trees it takes pride in. Oh, and the Arboretum would love you getting married there.

  • Railroad Park Fun

    Mid-Scottsdales's 40 acre green grassy railroad park. Relaxing. Great fun. For all kids, including the kid in adults (yes, they will enjoy the train ride too). You'll see a Magma locomotive, railroad museum and model railroads. No entrance fee. They have picnic tables so you can bring some eats. And if scouting for a nature setting for your ceremony, check their gazebo.

  • Jerome Fun

    This is quite a cool city (literally too). It's quite unique because of how it was built and how it came about being built (mining town). There is a well preserved historic hotel with a beautiful interior with big bath tubs. Also only a few miles away is a unique museum with hundreds of items from mining days. Bring your camera.

  • Lush Garden Fun

    The Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. Walking paths in every direction. Lots of birds and every kind of desert plant/tree all very lush. You may be amazed at how many unique areas there are each with a different feeling. AND there are many wedding site options for just the two of you and wedding officiant to large sites with catering, reception).

  • Walking Fun

    "Go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk". ~Raymond Inmon. There is no shortage of wonderful beautiful desert trails to stroll, walk, climb or hike in the Phoenix Metro. Some trails are horizontal, flat and some will more than satisfy a hiking workout. The desert is quiet and very peace giving. You will smell of the desert air and be invigorated to no end.



    "How amazing that of all the possibilities of meeting someone you two met each other, fell in love and want to spend the rest of your life together. How delightful. How wonderful. You guys are surely blessed."


    Love makes the world go round and so does laughter. Find ways to keep laughter alive. Could be teasing in a loving way or sharing something that made you laugh about how imperfect you are so your partner can laugh with you. Keep coming back to fun. Keep coming back to fun!


    Being best friends with each other keep you strong through thick and thin. Strive to always do better with communication: how to be a good listener; learn about empathy, learn how to be able to say no to something so your partner hears a 'yes'. There are many ways to keep your friendship alive and strong. Find the ways that work for you both.

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    Unity ceremonies are sub-ceremonies because they're inside the main ceremony. A popular one is the Unity Candle. Many also use the Unity Sand (if there could be a wind during the ceremony that blows out the candle flames - Sand is seen as a better choice than glass Hurricane covers which can be cumbersome and not visually appealing to some). Then there's the Unity Wine and Unity Flower. All Unity Ceremonies express the same idea: your unity together. Music: all Unity Ceremonies are enhanced with background music playing while you two participate in the ceremony's choreography (lighting your candle, pouring your sand, sipping your wine and placing your flowers). Also, any Unity ceremony can be used as a 'Family Unity Ceremony' like when you're blending a family with children (one of the family favorites is the Sand Ceremony because the children can safely pour the sand and they can pick the sand color they like). Your wedding officiant in Phoenix will have even more to say.

  • Wedding Officiant Phoenix


    First of all the Unity Candle is about the 3 flames NOT the form. TIP: for ease in lighting the candles (including you two and whoever may represent each family and come up to light the end candles prior to you two lighting your center unity candle), have both an automatic lighter on the Unity table AND a book of matches. This assures doable alternatives should the lighter malfunction or not be easy to use by the person using them. TIP: before ceremony starts have someone pre-light each of the 3 candle's flames and then blow them out. This assures a quick lighting during the ceremony. IDEA TO CONSIDER: You two can choose to leave your end candles (representing each of your individual lives and used to light the center unity candle together) still burning after the center unity candle is lit OR you can blow them out after the center one is lit. There is truly beautiful meaning for each of these. Ask your wedding officiant in Phoenix for other ideas and tips.

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    RING BEARERS (boys or girls)

    Ring Bearers have the honored job to bring the rings down the aisle on a ring pillow or in a ring box. Because these days there is no right or wrong way for almost anything in a ceremony, Ring Bearers can be Ring Girls, Dog Bearers, Horse Bearers and very young bearers (sometimes held by someone and sometimes pulled down the aisle in a wagon) and there are Adult Bearers too. One way (there are many) of the rings getting into the hands of the minister/officiant or the best man or best woman (who will then give the rings to the minister-officiant during the ceremony) is for the ring bearer to sit in the front row or aisle seat of 2nd row so when the minister-officiant asks for the rings, the bearer can bring them to the altar/archway area. Your wedding officiant in Phoenix will walk you through choreography of the bearer's part during rehearsal.

  • Wedding Officiant Phoenix

    FLOWER GIRLS (or boys)

    Regarding the sprinkling of petals: usually the petals are in a basket carried by the flower girl or boy (adults also can have this honor). Two tips when a very young child: 1st: "children will do what they do (thank God)" E.g., On wedding day fulfilling the job of getting the petals out of the basket and onto the aisle sometimes ends up with all petals in someone on an aisle seat's lap OR all of them may never leave the basket. It's all good. Again, Kids do what they do. TIP: for younger children, best not to tell them much about how to do their job at rehearsal or anytime. Then on wedding day have someone the child can go to when their job is over sit on an aisle seat. Then tell the child JUST before leaving the wedding party line-up: "Go to Grandma" (or whoever it is). The wedding officiant in Phoenix you choose may have other tips.

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