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  • Being best friends with each other keep you strong through thick and thin.
    Being best friends with each other keep you strong through thick and thin.
    There are many ways to keep your friendship alive and strong. Find the ways that work for you both.
    You two met each other, fell in love and want to spend the rest of your life together. You guys are surely blessed
    Love makes the world go round and so does laughter. Find ways to keep laughter alive.

    From Here, You can ASK an experienced officiant to answer a question OR REQUEST an officiant candidate to contact you so you can interview him/her OR SCROLL down to see "What's On This Page"-our table of contents

    Do you have a question for an experienced officiant? (You'd get a taste of our quality)? There's no cost. But we want to know a little info about you so we know you're not a robot.

    Our Bay Area wedding officiants serve many locations in North and South San Francisco Bay.



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    Why Choose Us

    bay area wedding officiants

    Your Bay Area Wedding Officiant will love making it all happen just the way you want.

    bay area wedding officiantsOur Bay Area Wedding Officiants Love What They Do

    Your Bay Area Wedding Officiant loves Love (really!). This is why you will be treated very well. We're not saying just on wedding day but on all the days leading up to it too. It actually makes them happy when couples' have a really great experience. It's in us to feel honored to be a part of a marriage. We are experienced listeners. We will listen to you about anything. We value knowing your ideas so we can know how to make your wedding ceremony match what you want. This means the form of ceremony you want will be beautiful to us. It will not matter if you want traditional or non-religious or modern. You want it? We're glad. Nice words, huh? Of course. Anyone can say them. AND, this is actually how we see our role as wedding officiants.

    bay area wedding officiants

    But it's perfectly normal not to know this now. Your Bay Area Wedding Officiant will guide you with this.

    bay area wedding officiantsYou Can Count On Us Being About You

    When you and your officiant meet with each other you will witness that it's important to them to go above and beyond to make things happen for you. Even though us humans are not perfect there is something perfect about us or anyone who sees their job the way we do: doing our best to listen to what's needed and then following through. We believe that if we're going to do something we might as well do it right. Oh, and we do our best a bit selfishly: so we can go to sleep at night with a smile on our face and a satisfying feeling.

    Planning Tools

  • Sunset Tool

    Ever see photos of couples kissing in the beautiful sunset with amazing colors and long shadows? This tool prepares you for a conversation with your photographer about this. Here's a tip: there are two different sunsets: the real one and the ‘effective’ one - where the sun sets behind an obstruction such as a mountain or building.

  • Temperature Tool

    This tool will take some of the guesswork out of what to expect for the weather on your day. While the weather is unpredictable, this tool gives the average historical temperature for your day and at least you can know of the tendency. Also, you will find options such as video forecasting, radar, news and a weekly and monthly forecast.

  • Count Down

    Forget having to repeatedly look at the calendar on your desk. This tool does all the counting down to your wedding day for you! Also, there is something exciting about a ‘countdown'. Momentum builds. You feel jazzed. Maybe a little emotional. It’s getting closer and closer and closer and then sooner than you think it'll be really close.

  • Moon Phases

    Full moon? Crescent moon? We have you covered! Find out what the moon phase will be on your wedding night. For what it's worth, there are many ancient thoughts that moon phases are connected with energy. It's also great romantic fun to see what the moon will doing on your day, during your vows. All a part of your beautiful day. All good.

  • Beautiful Bay Area

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    Cable Car San Francisco

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    Wine Country In North Bay Area

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    San Jose State University

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    Sculpture Garden


    Bay Area Wedding Officiants Ceremony Site Favs

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    Thomas Fogarty is a premiere location with stunning views from San Francisco to San Jose.

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    The Ritz-Carlton is very beautiful. Senses will love it. You'll be in a different world.

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    Gorgeous views, rustic elegance and unique amenities come together in a gracious environment.

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    The Bridges Golf Club. Among Northern California’s top courses AND a gorgeous ceremony venue.

  • Letters That Naturally Follow How We Officiate

    Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    "Thank you for performing our marriage ceremony and helping us prepare for our new ties together, as husband and wife. You are a positive calming and happy person – all traits that we want our marriage to have also."

    Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    "Thank you so much for your patience with us as we pulled our wedding together. We were both very grateful to have found you to officiate our union. We will be sure to send soon-to-be-brides your way. Thanks again."

    Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    "Thank you so much for the incredible job you did at our wedding ceremony. Everyone (including my Mom) came up to me and commented on how beautiful a ceremony it was, and I couldn’t agree more."

    Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    "The day turned out to be 1,000,000 times better than I could have EVER hope for and you were a large reason why. It was spectacular. Magical. I felt God everywhere on Sunday and I’m sure everyone did."

    When Two Becomes One

    Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    "The chances of meeting a random person is one in seven billion. The chances of you meeting each other and finding the love that you share is second to none. Your love defies all odds."

    Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    Laughter and love

    "Loves doesn't always have to be serious. Laughter is part of joy and life. Laugh at yourself, at each other, at how great and strange the world is. It's ok to have fun and play. Always try to find joy and laughter wherever you go".

    Bay Area Wedding Officiants


    "Friendship is an important part of your relationship. One way to be a good friend is to communicate. This means listening as well as being heard. Be open and try not to pass judgments on each other. Being a friend can be hard sometimes but it is very rewarding. The more you try to improve communication the easier it becomes. Always continue to learn and grow."


    Fun for Your Guests.
    Recommendations straight from our Bay Area wedding officiants!

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Visiting the world famous Golden Gate Bridge is a unique experience for everyone. Whether you hike, walk, bike, shop, take a guided tour, or just sit back and take it all in, there is something for everyone.

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    Alcatraz Island

    Located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, Visitors can enjoy the many natural features of Alcatraz Island as well—gardens, tide pools, bird colonies, and exceptional views of the San Francisco Bay.

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    Fisherman Wharf

    Whether planning a visit or seeking information, you'll find a wealth of knowledge on how a historic era still influences the present-day culture, events, sights, sounds, and food of San Francisco's most famous waterfront community.

  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants

    PIER 39

    We think PIER 39 should be on everyone’sSan Francisco to-do list. Amazing sea lions, scrumptious waterfront dining, the best street performers and live music and shopping and more.

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  • Bay Area Wedding Officiants
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