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As I look in your eyes I reaffirm my vow to stay committed and true to this love that I am feeling.
We shall share together all the good and joyful things life brings us.
I vow to learn what I need to learn in order to be the best partner for you.
May you feel deeply loved because you are and may you always see your innocence in my eyes.

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    Wedding Officiant Phoenix

    Our Wedding Officiants Love Being A Wedding Officiant

    How To Tell Your Wedding Officiant Loves Being an Officiant.

    It will be obvious your Orange County wedding officiant loves their job because of how they treat you. What you want will be what they will want. They will be eager to listen to you so they can understand what you want. And if you don't know what you want, worry not because they will enjoy being there for you with this too. You can count on having the words you want in your script. You can count on having the type of ceremony you like from more traditional to purely non-religious. And you can work with your officiant the way you want. Plan on it all being simple and easy for you.But should it not be simple and easy, tell them because they will make it simpler and easier.

    Your Orange County wedding officiant will guide you to the ceremony you want

    We Can Say You Will Have the Best Ceremony On the Planet Because It Will Match What You Tell Us You Want.

    We're good listeners: When you and your minister officiant meet, you'll hear words like this: "This is your wedding day. I want you to have your ceremony exactly how you want it. From my point of view, there's nothing we can't make work and beautiful. But this is more than the words themselves. It's about your meaning, what meaning you want. This is a nice thing to say, of course. And I really support this for all couples I officiate for. All. "


  • Know Your Sunset

    A Tool for helping you know the best time to start. Why? So your photographer can have beautiful long shadows at the end of the day. Many don't think of the following tip, but there are actually two sunsets: the real one and the effective one ('effective' because an obstruction like a mountain or structure is in the way).

  • Know Average Temp

    Could it be cool? Very warm? This tool gives the average temperature historically for your ceremony month and day. The tool allows sorting by the time period like weekly, monthly.  There are also video and forecasting maps, radar, and news that you may find helpful. Above all, trust that it will all work out (as it always does).

  • Getting Closer

    T-minus 75, 74, 38, 37, 14, 13 (it's getting real close now). Yes. Your amazing day will come. See yourselves with your officiant 'up there' having a good time together. It's a really, really beautiful day. With this tool, you don't have to think about when. Or count with your fingers. You enjoy the excitement, it does the counting.

  • Moon Teachings

    In going back a long, long time the moon phases (also known as schedules or just the new and full moon) guided people, like wisdom does. This is because the moon phases are energy (have energetics) which affects us all on Earth. It's at least just fun knowing where the moon will be for your wedding month and date.


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    Guests Love Orange

  • Bare Feet Love Beach

  • Relaxing At Night

  • Great Views



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    Couples have loved getting married on the water.


    Very special heaven-like wedding location.


    Very unique library grounds perfect for a ceremony.


    Best of both worlds: on the ground right next to the water.



    "Thank you for officiating for us on our special day on June 28th. Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you being there! Your love for the job was beyond professional. We could see through your eyes and smile how much you care about a true marriage."


    "You are so inspirational to us. Your patience, your understanding, and your generosity all are qualities we admire and respect. Thank you, once again for being such a supportive figure. We truly are blessed to have had the best wedding ceremony on our special day."


    "We both are so happy you were a part of our most special day. You did a fantastic job and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for the book that we will use wisely. We're looking forward to getting together."

    orange county wedding officiant-4min


    "We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our rehearsal and wedding ceremony – we are so happy you were part of our day, and we will gladly and highly recommend you to friends and family. It was great meeting you."



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  • Knotts Berry Farm

  • Sea World

  • San Diego Zoo



    "Of the unlimited possibilities for meeting up with someone, you met each other and then become in love and now want to be together for a lifetime. This is amazing and sweet and so beautiful. You two are a blessing."


    "It has been said that love makes the world go round. Well, laughter does too. Laughter keeps life alive. You can always find something to laugh about. Sometimes just laughing about our imperfect humanness is funniest of all. Remember always to keep having fun. It’s worth repeating: "Remember always to keep having fun. Be playful, even silly".


    "Being good friends to each other is your strength, too. One of the keys to friendship (relating) is to keep learning more about communication: Ask yourself: How can I be a better listener? Also: as a reminder: one of the most important things each of us humans wants from another is just to be heard; to be able to give and receive in the relationship without words like are like judgments (like labeling the other). While this is not always easy because of our condition, it IS doable and the more we practice, the better we get. Suggestion: "Continue to be learners together always looking for ways to improve communication".


  • Wedding Officiant Phoenix


    Inside your ceremony can be a unity sub-ceremony. The most popular is the Unity Candle ceremony, which has 3 flames-the center one being your unity flame. And there are 3 others as well: the Unity Sand (if you're concerned about the wind blowing out the flames), the Unity Wine and Unity Flower. Each unity ceremony expresses the idea of your unity. Also, a unity ceremony can represent the family unity like when blending children into the family (a unity sand ceremony is often chosen for the family because the children can pick the color of sand, they want and with no flame (fire) children of any age can safely pour the sand. As with everything, your Orange County wedding officiant may have ideas too.

  • Wedding Officiant Phoenix


    The Unity Candle is about the 3 flames NOT the candle, not the holder. Suggestions (tips) #1: Have someone (it would be an honor for the best man) light ALL the wicks before the ceremony and then blow them out right away (this assures the wick will fire right up right away during the ceremony). #2: Have both a lighter (the push button kind) on the Unity Table ALONG WITH a book of matches (the matches give a lighting option during the ceremony should the lighter malfunction OR prove too challenging to use during the ceremony). #3: Decide if you want the end candle flames to remain burning after they're used to light the unity candle. More from your Orange County wedding officiant.


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    RING BEARERS (boys or girls)

    A ring bearer has the great honor (they like to hear that) of bringing the rings to the altar (archway) on a pillow designed for weddings or in a little ring box. Yes, there are Ring Girls, Horse Bearers, Dog Bearers, toddlers (coming down in maybe a wagon) and infants (held by someone). Oh, and there can be adult bearers like uncles who joyfully let ego go and just have fun. Here's a suggestion for young ring bearers at rehearsal: Don't say much. Let them experience the rehearsal and then on wedding day make it simple for them by saying: "Walk to (Dad, Grandma or ?)". Talk to your Orange County wedding officiant for more.

  • Wedding Officiant Phoenix

    FLOWER GIRLS (or boys)

    The honor here can be thought of as an angel child blessing the aisle ahead of the bride. Tip with young ones: Remember always that "children will be children and do what they do, even on your wedding day" (gratitude for that). Note: It's not rare on a wedding day for the flower girl (or boy) to decide to toss all petals out at a particular time, sometimes on someone's lap. For adult peace of mind: If you're going to have children in your ceremony decide that no matter what the child does, it will be beautiful and simply wonderful (because it is). Your wedding officiant in Orange County may have other ideas to share from their experience with children.


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